Pasta with Mushrooms

غير معرف

The mushrooms I picked up at the farmers’ market ended up here
 A simple pasta and mushrooms dish that isn’t so simple
 I love fresh pasta, which is a problem
 It takes a little more effort than cracking open a box of dried pasta eleven minutes before you need it


This is where the pasta starts
 egg and flour
 Can’t get any simpler
 Well, I guess a banana is simpler
 It even comes with it’s own wrapper
 Anyway, pasta is still pretty simple

Lots more pictures of this 


Start mixing
 I know! Pretty complicated
 If you don’t rush it, the mix comes together and you can start working it with your hands into a smooth ball
 Yes, your fingers will get sticky

 But, it’s a great hand workout

 You will develop huge muscles all over your fingers


Let the dough ball rest, wrapped in plastic, for an hour or so to let it relax

 Hell, have a glass of wine and relax, too. You just had an incredible hand workout, you deserve a treat

 After an hour, it’s time to roll

 I roll out my pasta with an attachment that fits on the front of my KitchenAide mixer, but you can also use a rolling pin. It should be thin enough to see some light through when you are done

 Nice, long, even sheets. To cut, fold the pasta onto itself repeatedly. Be sure to flour between each fold. Don’t be scared to over-flour the folds. If they stick together because you didn’t flour enough, this was all for naught


Toss your sliced pasta into the air (not too high, you’ll attract cats with all that random movement) to shake the strands apart
 You should end up with something like this. Now, get some salted water on boil


Get those mushrooms chopped and start sauteing them in olive oil 


… add some chopped garlic to the mushrooms. When the pasta is cooked through, add it to the mushrooms and garlic. It will soak up all of that flavor
 I love flavor
 Flavor is the coolest


You should end up with something resembling this
You, my friend, are a fine co

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