Mini tropical fruits tart

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Mini tropical fruits tart

Ingredients for pasture cream:

1/2 liter milk using electronic scale.
100 gm sugar using electronic scale.
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla using 5 measuring spoons.
60 gm starch using electronic scale.
100 gm whipping cream using electronic scale.


In casserole 2handles heat milk , till boil ,then using whisk wipe eggs , sugar , vanilla well till blended , then add starch and mix well gently using whisk .
Then pour some amount of milk to the mixture of whipping cream , then pour all these mixture to the reminder of boiled milk , and return to the heat with constantly stir using whisk , till it thickens , then leave it to cool then in processor mix it with the fresh cream.

Ingredients for crust:

200 gm flour using electronic scale.
125 gm butter using electronic scale.
120 gm sugar using electronic scale.
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla using 5 measuring spoons.
Pinch salt
Pinch baking powder
250 gm almonds grinded using electronic scale.

For directions:

Mix flour , grind almond , baking powder in a bowel and make a middle pour in it.
Add butter sliced into small slices using utility knife , in these pour and mash it in the flour for sandy shape.
Then wipe egg with sugar , vanilla , and pour it in these sandy dough , and collect the crust in plastic sheet in refrigerator 1/2 hr.

For fruits:

Slice mango using mango slicer
Slice apple using apple sectioner
Slicer cherry
Then on silicone baking sheet spread few amount of flour and then spread the crust
Then cut it using different small tarte pan , then add each one in its specific tart pan then press it sheets spread over it seeds , then bake it in oven 190◦C for 10-15 min.
After reddish of sides , remove sheets with seeds , and leave it to cool.
Then fill it with pasture cream and spread over it the fruit slices.

Duration : 15 min
Person : 6
Serve : cold

Budget : medium

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