غير معرف


1/2 kg of chicken breast using electronic scale

6 cups of water using silicone measuring cups
1 chopped onion using onion chopper
1 sliced carrot using forged slicer knife
1/4 cup of chopped fresh celery using 6 function grater slicer
1/2 teaspoon of bay leaves using 5 measuring spoon
6 seeds of black pepper
1 cup of sliced mushroom using forged slicer knife
4 tablespoons of butter using 5 measuring spoon
Salt using salt & pepper grinder
500 gm of fettuccini macaroni using electronic scale

For sauce:

3 tablespoons of flour using 5 measuring spoon.

3 tablespoons of butter using 5 measuring spoon.
2 cups of chicken broth silicone measuring cups.
1 cup using silicone measuring cups of whipping cream using s/s whisk super steel.
Salt , pepper , nutmeg using salt & pepper grinder.
1/2 cup of feta cheese using silicone measuring cup.
1/2 cup of chopped parmesan using cheese grater using silicone measuring cup.


For chicken:

Slice chicken on cutting board using forged knife

In favola nonstick casserole 2 handles add chicken , water , onion , carrot ,
Celery , and bay leaves ,salt and pepper and leave it to boil heavily
Then low temperature coated for 30 min , the by using strainer remove all the ingredients and leave the broth to cool.
Cook the macaroni for 10 min in boil water then remove it from water using spaghetti server
In favola nonstick frypan heat butter and add mushroom and leave beside

For sauce:

In another favola s/s casserole 2 handles add flour with constantly stirring using s/s whisk super steel , then add chicken broth gradually ,with constantly stirring , till it thickens , then add salt , pepper ,and nutmeg.

In rectangular oven pan domo, add small amount of sauce and mix it with half amount of macaroni ,then add a layer of chicken , then mushroom , spread amount of cheese ,then add the reminder of macaroni , then sauce , then cheese.
Put it in oven 180◦C for 20 min
Serve it hot using nylon flexible turner.

Duration : 20 min

Person : 6
Serve : hot
Budget : medium

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