Fish with tahini

غير معرف


1 kg of fish Using Electronic scale.
1/2 kg tahini Using Electronic scale.
500 ml cold water using silicone measuring cups.
1/2 kg Using Electronic scale. chopped fresh onion, using onion chopper.
1 tablespoon using 5 measuring spoons chopped garlic using garlic press.
1/4 cup lemon juice using silicone measuring cups.
7 chopped chili green pepper using vegetable grater.
1 cup fresh coriander using silicone measuring cups.
1 tablespoon dried coriander using 5 measuring spoons.
1/2 cup olive oil using silicone measuring cups.
1/4 cup vegetarian oil using silicone measuring cups.


Open fishes and remove the scale with water & vinegar using fish scaler & basic scissors
Then mix tahini with water , salt , lemon and stir using s/s whisk super steel in s/s mixing bowl 24cm.
Then heat in favla nonstick casserole 2handles vegetarian oil with onion till tender , then add garlic , coriander , chili pepper ,cumin , then add tahini sauce on law temperature ,with constantly stirring using spatula , till presents of bubbles , then add fresh coriander .
Mix the fish with garlic , coriander ,cumin , lemon, olive oil and bake it in oven 180◦C after coat it with tahini sauce for 20 min.
Serve it hot using fish turne

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