Macaroni with red cheese sauce


500 gm of macaroni
Pinch of salt


50 gm of butter .
1 chopped onion using onion chopper.
1/2 cup of mushroom using Silicone measuring cups.
2 tablespoon of fresh chopped parsley using forged slicer knife.
1 chopped carrot using carrot grater.
1/4 kg of chopped meat using electronic scale .
1 cup tomato juice using Silicone measuring cups.
1 chopped green and red pepper.
145 gm of chopped cheddar cheese using cheese grater .
1 tablespoon of tomato paste using 5 measuring spoons.
1/2 cup of milk using Silicone measuring cups.
1 tablespoon of flour using 5 measuring spoons.
Salt , paprika , dried thyme , dried Basel , pepper .


Cook the macaroni in boil water for 10 min

For sauce:

In casserole 2handles heat butter , then add all the ingredients with constantly stirring using spatula leave it cooked on moderate temperature for 15 min.
Then add all the ingredients to macaroni , then spread over it chopped cheddar cheese in a in rectangular oven pan domo, put in oven griller for 10 min .
Serve it hot using slotted spoon.

Duration :15 min
Person :. 6
Serve : hot
Budget :low

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